Live Streaming Sports becomes more exciting

16 May

This is a great time to be a sports fan. Gone are the days when you had to stick to your television to get the updates about your favorite sporting events. Whether it is football, baseball, basketball or rugby, anything you want is available on the internet. One of the pioneers in this concept of online streaming of sports videos is boxing streaming. I have been a big fan of their videos since the past many years. I was always hooked on to television to watch sports. That came with its own set of drawbacks. Whenever someone else was busy with the an another channel, I had to miss out on my favorite sports event. This was a frustrating experience which became more regular. However things changed for the better with live streaming. One of my friends introduced me to this concept and ever since then, I have enjoyed all the sports event on the internet. This has liberated me from the television and I no longer wait for the TV remote. All I have to do is to have a schedule of my favorite sporting event and log on to my computer. I can even watch the recorded videos which is available in the archive section.

Having a good internet connection is important for live streaming

When you want to watch sports event on the internet, you need to have a good internet connection. Live streaming requires a lot of bandwidth and cannot be streamed properly if the internet connection is slow. To avoid that, it is better that you get a good broadband connection before planning to watch streaming videos on the internet. When it comes to video streaming on the internet, there are two main varieties. The first one is the recorded videos which are like any other normal videos available on the internet. On the other hand, there is live streaming which telecasts the videos in real time as it happens. This requires more bandwidth when compared to pre recorded videos. Also with recorded videos, you have the option of waiting for it to get loaded and then watch the video. But with live streaming, you cannot wait as the match will get over. So it becomes very important to have a good internet connection on your end. From the website point of view, they also need to have a good server so that they can handle the large number of viewers at a time. In my personal experience, first row has been one of the best websites when it comes to live streaming of sporting events. I have personally used the service for a long time now and even recommended it to many of my friends. Discovering live streaming has been a great experience.

Streaming website also got me friends :

Well , if you are wondering how live streaming helped me acquire more friends, let me tell you how it happened. These streaming websites also have a chat window which is active and anyone who is using the live streaming can post their message. Especially when it comes to sporting events, the enthusiasm among the crowd will be more and they will use such an opportunity to support their favorite team. In the same way, I have been using firstrow live streaming for a long time and got connected with a lot of friends. I used to support my favorite team and saw other people also supporting the same team. This builds an instant connect between the users and they comeback to watch more and more videos. This is what happened in my case also and I have made a lot of friends over the internet.

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How I built my online training business

05 Mar

Online training is the future of learning. Every student in future will use one or the other form of online training. It can either be through pictures and text content over the internet or through videos. While training material for any kind of course was available online since many years, it is the new concept of videos that has caught the attention of everyone. I used this scenario to my advantage and developed my online training business. In this article, I will tell you about the simple tools I used to improve my business.

Live Streaming of classroom sessions :

I have been conducting training sessions for various corporate companies since the past five years. Earlier, I used to go to the company campus and conduct the training. It was giving me good income and there was no issue with the working module. But, things started to become stressful when I had to handle back to back training sessions for these companies. I had to travel a lot and this took a toll on my health condition. When I was desperately searching for something to help me out of this situation, I stumbled upon this concept of live streaming. This became my biggest asset and I was able to expand my business to reach a large section of people.

Implementation is the key to success :

Even though live streaming has been in existence since a long time, many people have not realized the true potential of this concept. They are still stuck to traditional methods. Live streaming has many advantages and it does not cost anything extra. With this simple idea, I started streaming my training programs over the internet. It helped me get connected with many people at once without having to go to their place. Now, I conduct training programs sitting in my office and have clients across the globe. This has even helped my clients and they are happy that the training is reaching more employees. The beauty of live streaming is enhanced when it is combined with a chat box. This will make the entire training interactive and my students can also participate in the discussion. Any doubts that come up during the training will be put up on the chat window. This will give me a real time assessment of my training and I handle those queries at the end of the training. Live streaming has not only helped my business, but also contributed towards improving my health.

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Live Streaming Video on the Internet

20 Feb

Live Streaming of videos have become very popular in recent times. The demand has increased many folds in the last ten years. The main reason for this growth has been the recent updates in technology. In the past, internet connection across the globe was very slow and had limited reach. This restricted the amount of videos available on the internet. But with high speed broadband, streaming videos have become very popular. Now, it is possible for everyone to watch live streaming videos on the internet. You can also upload your own videos on the internet and stream your own videos.

What is live streaming ?

With so much buzz around live streaming videos, many people wonder how different it is from regular videos which are available on the internet. Well, there is a lot of difference between regular videos and live streaming videos. Even though I have used many online videos in the past, there was a lot of confusion in the beginning. But, once I understood the power of live streaming videos, it became very simple. Let me explain the concept in a simple way. Live streaming videos are those which are broadcast in real time across the internet. This can be your favorite television program or a sports event or a musical concert. You can use live streaming for any purpose. Many of my friends who work in corporate companies are using live streaming to conduct training programs across their branches.

Live streaming is easy and helpful

It is no rocket science and anyone with a good internet connection can stream live videos over the internet. You can also restrict the access to your videos so that it is not available to the public. This helps in securing the content. Most of the companies which conduct online training use this facility. They conduct the training in one place and broadcast the video in real time over the internet. Even some colleges and universities are using this concept to reach out to a large number of students with limited resources.

If you are still wondering about the benefits of live streaming videos, you should not waste any time and get started at the earliest. You can broadcast a small event or a meeting with a group of your friends. Once you get a hold of it, it becomes very easy and you will start using it on a regular basis. Even I was hesitant in the beginning about the final outcome of this concept. But, once I realized its true potential, there was no stopping. I conduct most of my training programs over the internet which helps me to reach out to a large audience without leaving my place. Now, I can sit in my office and connect with many students at a time who are from different parts of the world. I get to use all these tools without any extra load on my pocket. All I need is a good internet connection and a decent camera or a webcam. If you have not yet tried live streaming, its high time you start working on this tool to boost your business and career.

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