Iphone wants to sue his clients

Keep the same smartphone of Apple’s brand more than two years will now be banned. An initiative confirmed by the CEO of the Apple brand in a keynote on 7 September.


The Apple boss justifies its new policy with the argument of security. He said the iPhone is expected to fail after two years, a device still in working order after more than 24 months of operation therefore present a manufacturing defect or even a potential hazard. “Nobody knows the results of prolonged use beyond two years, there could be multiple hazards such as spontaneous combustion or explosion.” Not to mention the loss to the firm for the non-renewal of the phones. “All that money we could touch, I cry sometimes when I think,” said Tim Cook.


So it three months ago, an Australian who was using a “nostalgia” iPhone 2 was severely burned after the explosion of it caused by the mere receipt of an SMS. Pending possible legal action against violators, Apple could launch a first recycling operation of its old iPhone but the price would be fully borne by the consumer. It will thus pay 950 euros for a small mandatory special container in which to place your phone.

Those who want to keep their phone could then be subject to very heavy fines or the suspension for subsequent offenses. The police can randomly monitor what kind of iPhone you have and track radicalized individuals still using “S” model of old iPhone.